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is an exclusive and unique architectural complex – a meeting place for well- known international names of design, fashion and luxury to gather, create and exhibit.

Built at the turn of last century, the complex was a former malting factory owned by the Setmani Family. It consists of three core factory buildings, enclosing a long and elegant garden.  The renowned architect Antonio Citterio &Partners designed the location.

It’s the home of brands such as Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga (Gucci).  Kreon Design Lighting is “living” in Spazio Setmani as show room and offices.


One of the most fascinating aspects of this complex is found in the placement of contrasting elements – the severity of the concrete buildings and internal finishing, the geometric quality of the facades are juxtaposed against the abundance of natural light flooding the area, and the sinuous design of the large, and highly flexible, interior space.

Keeping in line with Milanese traditional style, there are certain architectural elements that create a boundary line between the buildings’ interior and exterior. For example, the facade on via Forcella is closed off from the street, the internal gardens are both accessible and livable and provide total privacy, but at the same time can be viewed from the interior through huge windows. In addition, large openings in the facade contribute to providing a greater degree of spatial spectacle from both inside the building and out.

The three core factory buildings are all characterised by the following elements: raw materials, industrial concrete frames and perforated zinc-coated iron panels. At the very heart of the complex lies an internal garden and an outside area, an ideal ambience for hosting events and presentations.







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The Location


1100 MQ in three floors building | 430 MQ in two floors building


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Spazio Setmani, designed by Antonio Citterio, and distinguished by its subtle elegance and innovative architectural solutions, has continuously aroused the curiosity of both the media and the public. Spazio Setmani has been featured in the following publications:

  • Spazio Setmani has been featured by the following Publications:
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Living trends and products of the most renowned international fashion and design collections all year around, and many Design Furniture Brands:

  • Stella McCartney
  • Stella McCartney accessories
  • Stella McCartney kids
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Balenciaga
  • Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Zegna Sport
  • Zegna Accessories
  • Jet Set
  • Dockers and Levi’s

  • Moschino
  • Kenzo
  • Naj O Leari
  • Kreon Lighting
  • Kramer and Kramer Designer
  • Rosenthal sophisticated porcelain
  • Esprit: the eco-friendly fashion company founded at the 900 Minnesota Street San Francisco, U.S.A.  They were our first prestigious partner.

Spazio Setmani has always been one of the top locations to visit during the International Fuori Salone del Mobile (International Furniture Fair) which is happening in Milan every April. Most successful events were hold in the location.   The following are just some of the glamour brands that held Events during the Design Week of the International Furniture Fairs in co-partnership with Spazio Setmani:

  • B&T Design
  • Eclettis
  • Elle Decor Place
  • Stella McCartney
  • Paola Lenti
  • Former Design Home Furniture
  • One, Il piacere del Lusso
  • Kinnasand
  • Sony
  • Scholtes Design Built-In

  • Kreon
  • Victoria Arduino
  • Sfera
  • Ceres Beers
  • Valdo Spumanti
  • One design Contest- Into The Forest
  • Francesca Attolini – Photographer
  • Adriana – Abstract Painter
  • Mirko “Lost” Cavallotto – Artist

Spazio Setmani is the perfect space of your event.  We offer beautiful exterior spaces along the garden and onto a large area behind the Alexander McQueen Building for Brands/Companies who need to have an event within a glamorous location/zone.    As of today we are few spaces left for those Companies who want  a location during the International Furniture Show in Milan (14 -19 April 2015 –Salone Internazionale del Mobile e Fuori Salone).

In addition, we could create, build and manage your event here in Spazio Setmani during the EXPO 2015.  Our Communication Agency Partners are able to help you to position your brands throughout the Event itself, 360° Communication/Branding Activities, Digital 2.0 Actions, PR, Guerrilla Tactics.  In addition, our American Partner Marketing Agency works as a liaison between Italy and U.S.A for those Italian Companies whose goal is to enter in the US Market.

Spazio Setmani may be available for lease and exclusively reserved to high-profile companies. These include fashion and design houses, interactive communications companies (both Italian and foreign), as well as prestigious spa’s and hotel boutiques. Spazio Setmani offers the following unique benefits: luminous interiors, spacious kitchens equipped to cater for lunches and refreshments, (without having to resort to outside catering), an outstanding conference room, elegant offices specifically designed to accommodate top management, elegant rooms equipped with the most up-to-date technology, air conditioning throughout the complex, and advanced telecommunications equipment.

Our location is able to satisfy the needs of a Multinational that likes to open its headquarter in Italy, Milan as well as those Companies looking for offices.  In the future Spazio Setmani would be able to offer multipurpose indoor areas.

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