The quadrilateral surrounding via Borgognone, via Tortona, via Forcella and via Savona is situated in the Porta Genova district, and has, in recent years, become the Milanese version of Soho and Brick Lane.
It is now a cool gathering space for artists, designers and fashion stylists and ideal location for hip events and high-profile presentations, ranging from product launches by various top publishing companies to exhibitions promoting up-and-coming artists.

In the 900’s, this area was an industrial estate, conveniently located near an important railway network.

In recent years, well-known fashion designers, together with those in the film and TV industry and other high-profile organizations, impressed by the authenticity of the architecture, have invested large sums of money to convert these undustrial buildings into modern offices and establish their headquarters.
Included in the list of well-known businesses which already occupy space at Spazio Setmani are Della Valle, Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, the Costume & Stage Department of the Teatro della Scala and the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation.